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‘I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.’

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If a Coach is someone who teaches us how to be Excellent @ something, Empathy (The Practice) is Hearing what people are Feeling and Seeing what people are Needing, & Conflict Resolution is showing people how to see the Yes, Please, & Love, in every message (internally and externally), thi

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With touching detail, Shaun Tan's picture book tells the story of a migrant family, seeking refuge and asylum in a strange new city. By depicting this new city as an alienating, science-fiction world, Tan performs a neat trick on our empathy glands.

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The true story of a girl growing up in residential care. Her resilience shines through. It will hopefully inspire other children growing up in residential care to aspire to be more than a statistic. 

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The Giver is a children's novel which follows the life of Jonas, in his 12th year of life. He lives in what seems to be a utopia, until he goes into his apprenticeship and finds out what his society is missing, and how dystopian it actually is.