Far From The Tree

I didn't know I could learn so much from entering the world of people with dwarfism, or children born of rape, people of musical genius or those with multiple and severe disabilities.... until I read this truly extraordinary book. I felt emotionally enlarged by every page. Not only does it enable one to understand the value of experiencing the world diffferently, but it also presents very honestly the challenges of love between parents and children whose experiences and perspectives are world's apart. It's a book about the emotional chasms that empathy can help us to bridge. 

Don't be turned off by the size - it's a hefty brick of a book, but you don't have to read it all (though I expect you will want to). Do be turned on my trhe fact that so many wise people have described it as so moving and so profound, and that virtually every critic had it among their books of the year. It absolutely lives up to the hype. 

There's a rather good website where you can start dipping in at www.farfromthetree.com/

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Andrew Solomon
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