Healing This Wounded Earth: with Compassion, Spirit and the Power of Hope

This is a serious in depth examination of the vital role of empathy in the context of our global economic crisis, healthcares in need of healing, violence on our streets, religious tensions, too little spirituality, too much materialism,and other contemporary issues. How between us can we build good community, a better and stronger economy, a more empathic health service, a greener environment, a healthier media, a healing creativity; in other words an altogether better world and a happier you and me!    "Any one who is a fan of the great spiritual writer Henri Nouwen will be fascinated by this brave attempt to apply the concept of the Wounded Healer to our every day lives - and it broadly works and to great effect. An amazing triumph of scholarly writing, with valuable and extensive bibliography and an intelligent flow through the chapters..." "thought-provoking, highly persuasive and written with great insight by someone who has, herself, suffered and who can empathise with the suffering of others.

It is a book that everyone must read. I have been deeply inspired by it and I will read it over and over again. I cannot recommend it highly enough."

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