In the Shadow of Crows

A powerful, moving and inspiring account of two ultumately intertwining lives. One is that of a young Englishman (the author), who goes to India in search of the truth of inherited family tales; the other of a Nepali-speaking widow named Bindra, who is driven from her mountain home when she contracts leprosy.  

Bindra's character, culture and life are described in such a way that the reader is able to step into an entirely different worldview, empathising deeply with her as she struggles to come to terms with not only her physical decline, but the rejection and abuse she endures as result.  The book is also a fascinating insight into the unorthodox wisdom with which Bindra has been raised, and it is this that ultimately enables her to endure a journey across the Plains in search of a place of safety for her children.

In the Shadow of Crows is a potent insight into the positive power of 'experiential empathy', when the author 's decision to live amongst sufferers of leprosy leads to the founding of a charity that continues to provide support to some of the most ostracised in India:


I learnt so much from this book ... it shows a great depth of understanding – Nikki Bedi, BBC Asian Network

In the Shadows of the Crows teaches us that there’s hope in the horror of daily life. There’s affirmation of good in the ghastly. Life is both better and worse than we ever imagined it to be and Manners is an inspirational, thoughtful, and compassionate writer, softly reminding us all of our common humanity and whispering to us that our life’s purpose should be to take care of one another. No matter our circumstances, we all live our lives in the shadow of death, but it’s the leaning into the light that makes the brief time we spend on earth hold any meaning at all ... This amazing book needs another voice Westmount Examiner / The Monitor, Montreal

This is storytelling that touches the heart, a much-needed reminder in this time of fragmentation that it is only through our connecting with each other that we can fully realise our humanity – Manjari Mehta, Anthropologist, India

An extraordinary story of courage and transformation – Indigo Books, Toronto 

A volume to provoke true soul-searching ... a must read – Professor Dhirendra Sharma, Editor of Philosophy & Social Action, Convener of ‘Concerned Scientists & Philosophers’, India 



A 'must read'

'In the Shadow of Crows' is so beautifully and poetically written that I was transported to another world.  I found myself empathising deeply with both David and Bindra - and was enlightened by the journey.  Strongly reccommended.


Absolutely poignant!

This is a book I was unable to put it down and ended up reading twice in a row. I was impressed by the quality of writing. David Charles Manners succeeds in enabling the reader to experience India in a remarkable way and gives such an accurate portrait of the reality of leprosy that you're able to truly empathise with the life sufferers endures.  'In the Shadow of Crows' is poignant, eye opening, inspirational and a must read!

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David Charles Manners
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