Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, Curriculum and Activities for Classroom and Playground Management

The book, Learning to Play, Playing to Learn, revised third edition, aims to successfully build student empathy, self-regulation and problem-solving skills through a healthy approach to play.  The power of play is that it is the most natural way that children learn.  

Uitilizng the Healthy Play IS a Solution approach to build student character education, the reader is empowered with an effective, elegant and joyous and simple to impliment method that students will resonate with.  Educators, parents and youth-service staff seek out interventions that go beyond awareness and will actually internalize empathy.  This book is the gateway and definitive handbook for such interventions.  Life skills such as emapthy, compassion, responsibility and self-regulation are learned and practiced through play and are totally transitioned throughout a school, family or organizational commmunity.  

This book gives you a fun and playful approach to create a community of compassion.  A 5-year study on the Healthy Play method showed that 85% of teaches saw an average 75% reduction in behavior problems.  The book contains over 80 unique, joyous and student friendly activities that will help manage aggressive behaviors, foster cooperation, reduce bullying, nurture positive conduct and create an effective laerning environment.   The multiple indexes let you find a game by grade level or by behaviors you want to promote. 

The book is available at www.healthyplay.us


Looks really fascinating

I didn't know about this book and look forward to checking it out. Thanks for posting.