Limitless Sky - Life Lessons from the Himalayas

When a young Englishman raised in a repressive religious background finds himself confronted by a Nepalese jhankri shaman in the Bengal Himalaya, it is the start of an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery.  The jhankri accepts David as his student and, over the coming years, leads him through a series of challenging initiations into an ancient tantric mountain tradition, which proves far more inspiring, rewarding and life-affirming than anything he could have imagined.

In this remarkable true story, David shares the wisdom gained from his transformative days in the mountains and a tradition, which, with its preference for the empathetic and practical rather than the faith-based and mystical, proves remarkably suited to Western rationality as a practical route to positive personal and even social change.


A stunning book, which I found enthralling ... a journey so vividly expressed and so seductive that the reader takes it all in easily and hungrily.  Above all, I love the bravery, curiosity and honesty that streams from this immense adventure … A really remarkable and compelling book, full of wisdom, humour and beauty. - JOANNA LUMLEY

A thoughtful, strange and often startling account of going deeper than most Westerners do into the Nepalese tradition and philosophy ... Wonderful descriptions … - LIBBY PURVES, Midweek, BBC Radio 4

David Charles Manners is a great adventurer and a remarkable writer.  – BILL RICHARDSON, author & CBC broadcaster


With Empathy at its Heart

'Limitlesss Sky' offers insights into a fascinating culture that has empathy at its very heart.  The author's personal adventure into the unknown gives the reader the advantage of not having to undertake the same hardships and yet the opportunity to learn more about how we all might live more fully, freely, joyfully and with greater empathy that we might have a positive impact on all with whom we live.  I have found this book both provocative and inspiring, and would highly recommend it.



Limitless Sky transported me to an extraordinary and exotic world, enabling me to explore a very different viewpoint and mindset to the one in which I was raised.  I consider it a Manual for Life that is helping me to explore my capacity for empathy, both for others and our planet, whilst at the same time learning to embrace and live life to its fullest.