Mouse, Mole, and the Falling Star

This warm and loving picture book describes the friendship of mouse and mole.  They are described as sharing everything from picnics and toys to comfort, deep secrets and love.  One day the two friends are watching the stars and get into a discussion of wishing on a falling star.  They both try to catch a falling star and when they can't find it, they each assume the other has taken it for himself.  This causes a break in the friendship.  After a long separation the two friends realize that they want their friendship more than a falling star and find their way back to each other.

This story is a wonderful way to share the power of friendship with young children.  While it beautifully depicts the characters sharing everyday adventures like playing with a ball, going on a picnic and playing out in nature, it uses these moments to share the deeper qualities of strong relationships like providing comfort, sharing deep secrets and having love for each other.  Ultimately it shows that these qualities are more important than the things that can divide us.  


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A.H. Benjamin
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Great Britain
United States