One Globe Kids

One Globe Kids is a story platform clothed in an app costume. Kid-hosts from around the globe invite you to play their games, learn their language and share their food.

In the app you will currently find 9 real-kid stories from 5 different countries, told child-to-child with full-color photographs and narration in English, French and Dutch. And more stories will be added in the near future.  All stories are available to read or listen to on iOS devices or Online,

By using new technology, these stories focus on creating a positive, virtual cross-cultural experience for young children. It is designed to simulate a friendship with someone that an average four-to-eight year old might not have the chance to meet and befriend, given the many geographic and linguistic obstacles there are at that age.

These early experiences with someone from a different cultural and economic group influence their imaginary play. The more contact we have with the “other”, the more they’ll seem “just like us.”  This empathy leads to reduced prejudice.

By creating opportunities for children as young as 3+ to feel that they've befriended someone outside their "group," these stories can open a world of imagination that will continue to encourage real cross-group friendship and empathy throughout their lives.

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Anne K. Glick
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Worldwide: English
French and Dutch speaking/learning regions