Orhan's Inheritance

 Set in the Ottoman Empire during World War I, and in contemporary Los Angeles, Orhan's Inheritance tells the story of one man coming to terms with his family's and his nation's past. This  masterful debut novel, which takes place during teh Armenian Genocide, was a finalist fort he PEN/ Bellwether Award for Socially Engaged Fiction. 

From the back cover: When Orhan's brilliant and eccentric grandfather - a man who built a dynasty out of making kilim rugs- is found dead, submerged in a vat of dye, Orahan inherits the decades old business. But his grandfather's will raises more questions tahn it answers. Kemal has left the family estate to a stranger, an aging woman in an Armenian retirement home in Los ngeles. Her existence and secrecy about her past only deepen the mystery of why Orhan's grandfather would will thier home in Tukey to her. 

Left with only Kemal's ancient sketchbook and intent on righting this injustice, Orhan boards a palne to Los Anegels. There he unearths a secret that 87 year old Seda has guarded for deacdes. Moving back and forth bewteen the last years of the Ottoam Empre and the 1190s, Orhan's Inheritance is a story of passionate love, unspeakable horrors, incredible resistence and the hidden stories that huant a family and a nation. 

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Aline Ohanesian
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