Peaceable Revolution Through Education

For eleven years, educator Catherine Cadden ran the bold experiment called TEMBA, a K-8 academic school based on the tenets of nonviolence and founded on the conviction that children who have the opportunity to practice peace in the classroom wouldn't just survive school - they'd thrive. Packed with real-world examples from the TEMBA classroom and the author's twenty-two years of "front-line" experience in classrooms on five continents, Peaceable Revolution Through Education offers practical everyday guidance for creating peace in today's learning environments. From tantrums to cellphones to total chaos, Cadden shows us the human beings behind the behaviors, and demonstrates what's possible when the opportunity is taken to build connection. This book dives to the root of the issues, offering insightful looks at the underlying causes of learner struggle, apathy, and rebellion, and dispelling common myths about children and the nature of learning. From a public high school in South San Francisco to a Waldorf elementary school in South Africa; from a U.N. guarded "classroom" in Kabul, Afghanistan to a Montessori kindergarden in Kansas City, Kansas, ultimately, the author's journey is a reminder that no matter where we come from and no matter where we're going, we are human beings and we love to learn.


this book is in my top 5

If you asked me to tell you stories about how it could look for one person to do something so differently to what is being done in most classrooms around the world, I would pull ANY story from this book. 

Catherine's approach to her work, life and students is SO incredibly inspiring and enriching that I have bought many many copies of this book to give and share with others. 9 out of 10 times, people tell me they are blown away beyond belief.

When I share stories from the book in my own teaching, people are silenced. Deep thought and consideration occurs.

I try to remember to leave enough space for people to digest the world they are now repercieving through this stories eyes. When I ask how people are effected and ALWAYS hear people struggle for the words they so want to express. They are deeply touched and grasping for that kind of effect in their lives. Encouraged and inspired.



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Catherine Cadden
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