The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game

This is a great empathy book because it's about how a woman from a wealthy white family in Memphis, Tennessee takes a troubled black teenager under her wing and gives him the opportunity to get an education and play (American) football at high school.

The title refers to the left guard position in American football: the player who protects the most valuable player (the quarterback)'s blind side to prevent him being hit and injured.

The woman is one of the few people capable of empathizing with the black teenager. For some reason that she cannot fully explain, she sees promise in him and decides to make him part of her family - despite the problems that this causes.

It is also a reminder that there is great poverty and deprivation in rich countries such as America. We should not forget to help our near neighbours as well as people who live further away.

Anyone who does learn to empathize with the black teenager is rewarded - not only by his extraordinary athletic gifts, but his kind and loving nature.

This book was made into a film starring Sandra Bullock. However, even though it's a good film, I recommend reading the book first because it contains so much more detail. Michael Lewis is an exceptional writer who makes the people he writes about fascinating.

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Michael Lewis
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