The Giant King

Rabbie, a carpenter’s son, loves to carve things, but when he does he looks inside them to show the best of what is there.   When he carves a dog he shows its brave spirit and loyalty but leaves off its lame leg.   When he visits a nearby town he finds it terrorized by a giant!  The people all throw things and hate the giant but Rabbie decides that maybe the giant only acts like a brute because people are treating it like one.   With the help of the local ruler Rabbie gets all the local towns folk to treat the Giant as a king for a day to see how his behavior changes.   The book does an amazing job inviting us to reflect on what changes that can be made in the world if we change our heart.  

1st - 5th Grade 


The story tells very

The story tells very naturally and the moral lesson does not hit you over the head.  Kids love this just for the story but then the message and connections flow very naturally from it.   It is a great book to read if there is a problem where a class treating one member in a very unkind way.   

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Kathleen Pelley
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