The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away

This is a true story of a young teen named Maddie, who while undergoing chemotheraphy saw something on TV that changed the way she saw the world, and her role in it. Touched by vision of an orphaned boy in Africa, Maddie was moved to help. When given a  once-in -a-lifetime "wish" from the Children's Wish Foundation, despite her battle with cancer, she decided that little boy needed her "wish" more than she did, so she gave it away. She used it to build a school. This story captures Maddie's journey, her courage, and her selflessness. You cant help but be deeply moved by her legacy.  This story reminds us that no matter how young, or how old, or our circumstances, we can all change the world. Let Maddie's story inspire you! Perfect read  for youth, parents and teachers.

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sharon babineau
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