The Giver

The Giver is a children's novel which follows the life of Jonas, in his 12th year of life. He lives in what seems to be a utopia, until he goes into his apprenticeship and finds out what his society is missing, and how dystopian it actually is. As a young empath, this was one of my favorite books. Though officially a children's read, I recommend everyone to read it, because it reveals a perspective on important aspects of life that may hurt, but are vitally important to humanity: emotion, color, music, etc. The Giver is a good book for empathy because it teaches why we need human connection and emotion.


The importance of human connection

De acuerdo con la propuesta. También recomiendo la serie de libros de Anastasia Krupnik por el mismo autor.


I recall reading this book as

I recall reading this book as a pre-teen and went back to it several times.  While I have not read it since becoming an adult, I remember that it helped me to see how important differences are in the human experience, even if they are difficult.

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