The Last Lecture

Professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon has managed to describe in his own words, with the help of Jeffrey Zaslow; what true empathy, compassion, kindness and gratefulness mean in times of immense adversity.

Published in 2008, after being diagnosed with cancer, Randy was asked by Carnegie Mellon to give a last lecture, which is customary. Instead of focusing on the typical guidance speeches that are given, Randy chose to not focus on the fact that he had a short time to live, instead, he decided to focus on how TO live everyday with the drive to succeed and be happy in whatever you do.

Randy causes the reader to evaluate their existence and what it means to them. He focuses somewhat on his illness but this is not a book about a dying man. This is a book about living.

This most compelling, inspirational and uplifting volume causes one to not only step inside of Randy’s shoes, but to walk in them, become a part of his mind, soul and heart. To travel with him back to his childhood, in turn, to your own. Randy allows the reader to explore their own dreams and if they have not lived them, why? He manages to successfully bring alive the creative childlike spirit many of us have left behind.

This short volume is packed with so much emotion, laughter, extreme hardship and loss, yet mostly, with love and the notion that there is so much more to simply existing.

An international bestseller, published in more than 35 languages, a must read book, and a most treasured perspective of a man who truly lived his purpose and beyond.


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Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow
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