The Man Who Thought He Was Happy

Jake Adams is forty. He is a loner; a struggling actor with no close ties. He’s made his life a shallow, insular place of pleasure and irresponsibility, where hurt people and their desperate pasts are invisible to him. Emma has changed this. It’s as if her disappearance has thrown up everything he’s avoided. All the tragic, terrible happenings in history are visible, because of Emma. A spiral of events he could never have imagined forever connects her life to his; drawing him to the edge of corruption, where a powerful family is in control, making him reassess his perception of happiness. He discovers that family scripts run parallel, each new generation caught up in an involuntary mimicking of past lives and times and in his obsessive compulsion to find Emma, he is forced to see that what really matters is how, in the moment, we connect. ISBN: 9781786100078 Total Pages: 260
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