This film reminded me that I am human , I do feel ... perhaps too much .

It's a modern day ponochiio (spelt wrong) story.

You will most likely heard of it but in a nutshell - 

A couple obtain a super advanced robotic child, to heal the void of there human son who has been in a coma for sometime without postive outlook.

Once agreed they are told upon activating the software the child/robot will feel act and behave like a devoted 8 to 10 yr old boy to his mother.

Without spoiling they go ahead and life surprises them and with this new unforseeable sharp turn in the road it brings alot of feelings behaviours and

thoughts into all chracters .

I find this film fully injected with every aspect of nature v nurture hidden meanings and moral lines thus envoking an empathetic engulfment all round, 

even on characters that on script are comapred to some actually bad , yet you can still feel were they are coming from. Hope You Enjoy :-)

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Steven Spielberg
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United States