Beyond Right & Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness

'In Beyond Right & Wrong, a woman who survived the death of her five children wonders if she can forgive the man who killed them. A victim’s daughter strikes up an unusual friendship with the bomber who killed her father. And two men—one Palestinian, one Israeli—form a bond after tragedies claim their daughters. These survivors of conflicts in Rwanda, Northern Ireland and Israel-Palestine share their stories of loss and recovery in their own words.'

By fostering dialogue we have a chance to build peace. That successful dialogue is possible is also proven by our shared human history. A peaceful environment is made by the people who live in that environment. We are the people. We're all in collective therapy or at least we should be. Sometimes we need some professional help to construct meaningful dialogue in our joint struggle towards peace and mutual understanding.

The more possibilities we have to built peace via (professional) dialogue the better.