Les petits mouchoirs

In general, this film is about relationships between friends, and how a few hard issues between them have never been discussed. It's about how emotions and frustrations that have evolved over many years have never been dealt with. At their annual group vacation, all these bottled up feelings and emotions come out, which creates tension and distance between the friends. At the peak of stress between the friends an artist, in real life singer Maxime Rodolphe Nouchy of Yodelice, arrives at the vacation house and is asked by them to stay for dinner. The artist accepts the offer and after diner he gets his guitar and plays a song for the troubled group of friends called “Talk to Me”.  This movies tells me that it takes constructive dialogue to create a deeper understanding of another person and it tells me how hard this can be to do at times. Even with your best friends. The capability to express your innermost feelings and also creating the space for someone else to share their innermost feelings with you is a wonderful treasure to have. Dialogue as a route to mutual empathy.


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Guillaume Canet
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