May I Be Frank

You may never have heard of Café Gratitude in San Francisco. You might not like wheatgrass juice. You don't have to. May I Be Frank is a documentary about 54-year-old, 290-pound Frank Ferrante, an ex-addict Sicilian-American whose bad heath habits and extreme girth are stopping him from achieving the one last thing he wants- to fall in love again. No one, he says, will have him looking like this. The three young men who run the café take Frank under their wing, putting him on an extreme detox and helping him through the whirlwind of emotions that are stirred up on his transformational journey. Above all, the most moving moment comes towards the end, when Frank realises that the love he is missing is actually his daughter’s. He feels he’s let her down, but once he’s turned everything else around he starts to see that it might not be not too late. Worth watching not only for the reminder of the power of community in these selfless young men who initiate this project with no thought of their own gain, this is definitely Frank’s show- big personality, bad language, big heart and all. May I Be Frank is a reminder that the biggest villain we try to defeat is often ourselves. Frank looks amazing these days, but he still doesn’t like wheatgrass. He doesn’t have to.

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