On the edge: Family homelessness in America

Think you know homelessness? Think again...   Seven women courageously step out of America's shadow of shame, homelessness, lugging family troubles and deep-seated anxiety as they grapple to avoid returning to their nomadic existence. Their brutal honesty reveals not only the turmoil and tragedies that led to their homelessness but also their vulnerability of returning to a life of invisible struggle to survive.  Their stories give new meaning to life “on the edge.”   Each woman’s story is unique but there are recurring themes of trauma and abuse.  They speak of the friends who tried to help them and their own desire to help others like themselves.  Each woman has fought to regain her independence with a fragile support network, based on society’s ambiguous standards.     They grasp tenuously to the edge of stability hoping for future lives in their own homes, or at least to avoid the return to homelessness.   As seen on PBS.   produced by Diane Nilan, HEAR US Inc.   4-min trailer   discussion guide   ordering information and reviews  


Simple truths

are worth hearing and then fighting for.