The Butterfly Circus

USA, 1930. Mendez is the charismatic master of the small Butterfly Circus, and he leads his troupe through Southern California. Along the way, they perform to bring some light into the dull lives of people. One evening, they see a sign for a traveling carnival and a sideshow and stop to see a funfair with carousels, games, and other entertainment, including a freak show. Here Mendez meets Will, the main attraction, who has no limbs and is on show as a freak of nature. Will is bitter and unhappy, but after meeting Mendez, he decides to leave the carnival and manages to hide on one of the Butterfly Circus trucks to escape. The people in the circus welcome Will, but Mendez tells him he must do something else than just be a freak to become part of the act. Will gets to know his new friends and learns that many of them have a sad past, but that Mendez has given them a second chance in life... The rest of the story is about how Will finds out the way to give himself a second chance...

I watched this short movie in a moment of deep sadness...A friend of mine decided to share this video with me to help me find again self-confidence and hope for the future. I still remember the beautiful moment when we both cried together and she gave me one of the warmest hugs I had ever received. This video is an experience of peace and faith. Enjoy your tears...they will set you free! :)

p.s.: the main character is played by Nick Vujicic, a great person! Check out his story on

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